With Standard-Oil Refineries' Super Quality Group I and II+ Base stocks 
you can be sure you'll have the supplies you need.
We have a network of refineries, which ensures availability of Group I & Group II+ Base stocks throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Our Base stocks consistently meets stringent EU product quality standards.
Mineral Base Oil, Solvent Neutrals
Modern mineral base oils are the result of a long and complex distillation and refining processes.
Generally, the feedstock used is either crude oil or R9 mineral oil. This substance is not of uniform quality but consists of several thousands of hydrocarbon compounds in which the elements carbon and hydrogen are present in all molecules and, in part, are bound to other elements.
The hydrocarbons can be divided into three main groups: paraffinic, naphthenic and aromatic.
Paraffinic hydrocarbons can be further divided into two subgroups: normal paraffinic and isoparaffinic.
Paraffinic hydrocarbons are the best lubricants. The distillation process in the refinery separates the hydrocarbons contained in the crude into cuts based on the molecule size.
Furthermore, as many unwanted substances as possible are removed in the process, such as sulphur, aromatic hydrocarbons, paraffin wax, etc. In other words the mineral oil production process is physical cleaning and the end product is so-called paraffinic base oil.
We ensure consistent product quality by use of approved feedstock, tight control of manufacturing conditions, and extensive product testing.
We offer a full range of high quality fuels, distillates, diesel,mineral and synthetic lubricants, wide spectrum of base stocks, asphalt,
and specialty products. We utilize state-of-the-art oil analysis programs.
We have an extensive supply network that enables us to deliver our comprehensive assortment of refined petroleum products with uniform quality and purity.
In essence, we are able to offer complete peace of mind to our customers.
Among others Standard-Oil Refineries can supply:
* Automotive Gas Oil [AGO]
* Low Pour Fuel Oil [LPFO]
* High Pour Fuel Oil [HPFO]
* Premium Motor Spirit [PMS]
* Dual Purpose Kerosene [DPK]
* Aviation Type Kerosene [ATK]
* Base Oil, Lube Oil & Bitumen

Property designation Value Test method
Cetane number, minimum 51,0 EN ISO 5165
Cetane index, minimum 46 EN ISO 4264
Density at 15 ºC, kg/m³ 820-845 EN ISO 3675
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, % mass, max 11 IP 391
Sulphur, % wt, max 350 EN ISO 8754
Flash point, ºC, not lower than 55 EN 22719
Carbon residue at 10% distillation, % not higher 0,30 EN ISO 10370
Ash, % wt, not higher than 0,01 EN ISO 6245
Water, mg/kg, not more than 200 EN ISO 12937
Mechanical impurities, mg/kg, max 24 EN 12662
Copper strip corrosion (3 hours at 50 ºC), bale, max 1 ISO 2160
Oxidation stability, g/m³, max 25 EN ISO 12205
Lubricity, corrected wear scar diameter (wsd 1,4) at 60 ºC, μm, max 460 ISO 12 156-1
Viscosity at 40 ºC, mm²/s 2-4,50 ISO 3104
Destillation range, % vol.: 65 ISO 3405
recovered at 250 ºC, not more than 85
recovered at 350 ºC, not less than 95
recovered at 360ºC, not less than
Cold filter plugging point (CFPP), ºC, not highe -15 EN 116
than: winter / summer -5
Color, max 2 ASTM D 1500